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Hotel Juta Keningau – Tom Yam Seafood

“What’s for lunch today?”

Believe it or not, this is the most common question couples asks each other everyday. We at Beelik would be glad to help you answer the question. It’s simple: Tom Yam Seafood!

If you happen to be in Keningau, you should not miss the town’s delicious Tom Yam Seafood, available only at Hotel Juta Keningau

This all-time favorite dish is served by Hotel Juta’s very own comfortable Red Oak restaurant. Interestingly, you get to enjoy the Tom Yam while overlooking Keningau streets and the town’s occasional main events at Padang Bandaran Keningau.

Good food is best eaten together with the good company of loved ones. So wait no more! Bring your spouse or even the whole family to enjoy Hotel Juta’s tempting Tom Yam Seafood!

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