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Things to Do in Kota Kinabalu at Night

Enjoy Sunset Drinks

A favorite activity among young locals is to visit the waterfront just after work and watch the sunset while having a chilled pint. Some evenings continue till late while other evenings working adults pack up right after. However your evening turns out to be, may it be at The Waterfront or at other sunset bars, sunset drinks has got to be the number one night activity here! 

Night Wildlife Tours

Many are out to play at night including our wildlife friends! Choose night wildlife tours and see our friends at their natural habitat after dark. Examples include river cruise via the Jesselton Beaufort and see the skies light up by the fireflies. These night tours are truly one of a kind and breathtaking!

Sunset Cruise

Kota Kinabalu is famous for sunset activities – another on the list bound to be the next big thing is a sunset city cruise! See Kota Kinabalu city from the sea and have a once in a lifetime experience of seeing sunset in the deep blue of the South China Sea. 


For the nights that run late, many start with a drink and then continue with music and dance in the clubs or dancing bars! Some of the more renowned clubs are The Bed at The Waterfront, 999 Bar along Kg Air and for live music bars The Shamrock Irish Bar, Hard Rock Cafe Bar, Mynt and Kuta Bistro are the few favorites! Salsa is available on Tuesdays at The Loft and on Fridays at The Biru Biru Cafe. 


Days are usually jam packed with island hopping and climbing mountains, that a good ol’ massage is an excellent finish to the day. Enjoy full body massages, warm foot rubs, aroma-therapies, or loosen the head and shoulders; massage parlors are scattered around the city. Prices range from RM 60 only and above. 

Night Markets

Kota Kinabalu is brimming with night markets. Most night markets center around food and the most famous one is the city central’s night market located right next to The Waterfront. From exotic cuisines, to fresh produce and catches of the day, the night markets are a vibrant, colorful, multicultural and exciting censorial experience. Other famous night markets or supper experiences include the Tanjung Aru Beach night market, Lido food night market, Damai open food court, ASquare KK Containers’ street food night market and The Anjung Senja. 

Shopping and Movies

Business hours in Kota Kinabalu close around 10pm which makes the city at night perfect for shopping! If you’re a night owl like most of us, choose to catch night movies at any of the malls. The Handicraft Market along The Waterfront is a beautiful maze selling local arts and handicrafts featuring items such as pearls, paintings, keychains, t-shirts, local snacks and more! If international brands are your preferred choices, shop at Kota Kinabalu’s biggest malls such as the Imago Shopping Mall or Suria Sabah Mall. Brands include H&M, Cotton On, Zara, Parkson, Baskin & Robbins and more! 

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