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Collection of Upside Down Houses in Malaysia

Having a hectic week? It sure would be nice to get away from it all. 

Everyone needs a chance to refresh and get a new perspective on things. 

You know what? Go visit an upside down house so you can experience life upside down – literally!  That’s one better way to get a new perspective!

Now, let’s take a peek at Malaysia’s collection of upside down houses.

Kuala Lumpur Upside Down House

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Let’s start our tour in Kuala Lumpur (KL). Located just outside the iconic tower, KL Tower Upside Down House is the tallest of its kind in KL. It features a traditional two-storey English Cottage complete with furniture and interior decoration that are upside down.

The compound is surrounded by a garden with colourful artificial flowers. There’s a bright yellow antique car at the main entrance, and yes – it is completely upside down too! 

Upside Down House Melaka


Moving on to the upside down house in Malacca (Melaka).  Set along Jalan Plaza Mahkota, the Upside Down House Melaka was built with the concept of a modern Malaysian house.

Stepping into the house can be quite disorienting at first, but it’s a great place for snapping unique pictures thanks to its vibrant background and an array of gravity-defying props. There are staffs who can help to take photos and suggest to you best poses during your visit.


Upside Down Museum, Penang


If you have one day to spend in Penang, the Upside Down Museum is a must-visit spot. Located in Kimberly Street George Town, this playful museum creates the illusion that you are walking on ceilings and walls. 

Featuring interactive upside down rooms: living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and more, now you can see what it’s like to walk on walls. There is a cafe and a shop which of course, upside down.

Upside Down House Gallery, Port Dickson

Credit: Upside Down House Port Dickson website

Sliding over to Port Dickson, we have Upside Down House Gallery that features everything inverted – from furnitures to household appliances including the bed, sofas, fridge, toilet and dinner table.

This fun art gallery is located at Mile 9 (Batu 9) along Jalan Pantai Port Dickson. You can come and take loads of memorable photos and the trick is to take photos normally and then edit it upside down to have that weird effect.

Upside Down Warm House, Johor


Upside Down Warm House located in Kulai Johor near to IOI Mall is where you can let your creativity and imagination flow as everything you see is flipped up. 

Apart from the upside down effects, there are also other 3D artworks where you can capture beautiful photos with your love ones in a ‘normal’ setting. Do note that you are required to wear socks prior to entry so remember to bring along your pair or you can purchase one at the the counter. Also, don’t forget to check out their souvenirs and items in their souvenir shop. 

Upsidow, Langkawi

Credit: Upsidow Langkawi FB Page

If you’re planning to visit Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah, you wouldn’t want to miss paying a visit to Upsidow. Upsidow is an Upside Down House Art Installation where everything inside is made from recycled, up-cycled and unwanted materials.

Located along the main road, next to Pemandangan Indah (Look Out Point), Upsidow is surrounded by the mountain range, paddy fields and lush rainforest. From the top of the building you have a 360 degree view of Langkawi’s capital Kuah and the wide ocean where Straits of Malacca meets Andaman Sea.

Upside Down House, Kuching

Credit : Wong Tong Wei

Time to hop across the pond to Sarawak where upside down houses are also embraced. Situated in Kuching along the famous Kuching Waterfront, the Upside Down House Kuching is suitable for all ages and definitely a fun place for families. 

You will be able to view inside a modern house, fully equipped with a living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom, children bedroom and a home office in a new perspective – upside down! As part of the main town area, you’ll also be able to browse in their well-stocked gift shop, show-casing their own merchandise, local artisan works and souvenirs. 

Rumah Terbalik, Sabah

Driving across the border we come to Sabah, Land Below the Wind. Sabah is definitely an interesting place with a wide range of attractions that one trip is never quite enough.

So here you go, Sabah’s own upside down house, the Rumah Terbalik, located in Kampung Telibong, Batu 21, Jalan Telibong Tamparuli. To get there is easy, if you go from Kota Kinabalu, just a few kilometres before Tamparuli Town and before the Shell gas station, you will see the house on your left.

Billed as Southeast Asia’s first, Rumah Terbalik brings Alice in Wonderland to life. Inside the house, everything is as normal as could be. Except, of course, it is all upside down. They even have a car outside, parked in the garage – yup, upside down! This architectural wonder has been included in Malaysia Book of Records for being the first of its kind in the nation.

That’s not all, the compound even has 3D Wonders Museum, Up-cycling Gallery, Magical Plate Booth, and Rumah Terbalik Night Market. Don’t forget to pick up souvenirs at the Gift Shop!

If you are from other parts of Malaysia and planning to visit Sabah soon, Rumah Terbalik is the one amazing attraction that shouldn’t be missed! 

For further information visit their website at

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