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Beaufort is located about 90 kilometres south of Kota Kinabalu. From Kota Kinabalu, the drive to Beaufort is quite straight forward and the road condition is generally good. The population of Beaufort is composed mainly of Bisaya, Brunei Malays, Kadazan-Dusuns, Lun Bawang/Lun Dayeh, Muruts and Chinese. Beaufort is the gateway to Pulau Tiga National Park, the whitewater rapids on the Sungai Padas and the astounding wildlife in Klias.
Places of Interest:
- Sungai Padas (whitewater rafting)
- Tamu (open-air market)
- Starevich Memorial 
- Klias River
- Monkey Top Safari
- Pulau Tiga marine Park
CEphoto, Uwe Aranas