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Bintulu is a coastal town on Borneo in the central region of Sarawak, Malaysia. It is located 610km northeast of Kuching, 216km northeast Sibu and 200km southwest of Miri. Bintulu is known as a place of 'making a living'. Although it is not a main tourist destination in Sarawak, the local authorities such as Sarawak Tourism Board and Bintulu Development Authority are now making a lot of efforts to make Bintulu a tourist heaven.
Places of Attractions:
- Bakun Resort 
- Niah Caves (Gua Niah in Malay) 
- Similajau National Park 
- Mulu National Park 
- Longan Bunut National Park 
- Lambir National Park 
- Sibuti Wildlife Sanctuary 
- Rejang Pelagus 
- Belaga 
- Bario Highlands
Photo credit : Sarawak Tourism