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  Tambunan is located 80km east from Kota Kinabalu, and is reachable by Kota Kinabalu – Tambunan – Keningau Highway. At an average altitude of 750 metres, this valley town, which is part of the Crocker Range, experiences a mild tropical climate all year long. The valley is peppered with terraced paddy fields and 70 villages. Visitors will be amazed by the vast expanse of green paddy fields. The dense bamboo forest around Tambunan is also a sight to see. The bamboos are a legacy of British colonial period, during which an edict stated that 20 bamboo sprout had to be planted for every bamboo cut. There is also a Bamboo Village here where you can learn how to make Tapai, a traditional rice wine. 

Places of Interest:

- Mahua Waterfall

- The Rafflesia Centre

- KIpandi Butterfly Park

- Sinurambi

- Batu Gong

- Mat Salleh Memorial Park

- Bukit Lugas



Photo by CEphoto, Uwe Aranas 

Credit Photo to Sabah Forestery Department (Rafflesia)