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Tenom (Malay: Pekan Tenom) is the capital of the Tenom District in the Interior Division of Sabah, Malaysia. It is located about 176 kilometres south of Kota Kinabalu and 128 kilometres north of Long Pasia, which is the one of the famous attraction in Sabah. In the early days of British colonial rule in Malaysia, the town was called Fort Birch. The town is considered the unofficial capital of the Murut community, whose most important festival, the annual Pesta Kalimaran (Kalimaran Festival), is held in the town. It is also the main gateway to other areas within the Murut heartland and the minority of Lundayeh.


Places of interest:

- Sabah Agricultural Park (Lagud Seberang Agriculture Research Station)

- Tenom Orchid Centre

- Murut Cultural Centre

- Padas River - Whitewater Rafting

- Coffee Factory

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